Launch of “The Right Perspective Series” of Stories

Launch of  “The Right Perspective Series” of Stories

A series of stories that we hope you will find interesting, informative, and inspiring…especially during these difficult times



We are starting off a series of stories that we hope you will find interesting, informative, and inspiring.

The reason for sharing these beneficial perspectives by way of stories is that we often personally identify much better with stories than with just ideas and principles.

We call these series of stories “The Right Perspective Series” to encourage you to keep the right perspective during these volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.

Our perspectives and thoughts affect our choices and actions, which then affect our destiny. We thus need to have the right perspective as to how we should think in order to make wise choices as we build our future.



We will be sharing stories that we believe you could find beneficial for your own life, and the usefulness of the stories lie in your openness to new and/or different perspectives.

We hope that these new and/or different perspectives that we share will help you think through what is the right perspective for you.

We start with our first story tomorrow. Please join us and let us have your responses to our stories as we move along, so that we know what topics and approaches appeal to you. Please also feel free to share the stories should you find them relevant and helpful.

The best is yet to be!

Best wishes,

Lim Siong Guan and Joanne Lim

Co-authors, Winning with Honour + The Leader, The Teacher & You

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