TRP Series Story 1 : Marbles and Sweets


The Right Perspective Series:  Story 1




This is a story about a boy and girl, and a lesson about honesty, trust, and happiness.

The girl had a collection of sweets, and the boy had a collection of marbles.

They each looked at what the other had, and imagined how much happier they would be if they had what the other had.

So they decided on an exchange – all of her sweets for all of his marbles.

The girl went home that evening and packed all the sweets neatly into a bag to prepare for the next morning.

The boy also started packing his marbles. As he was packing, he found one he liked and set it aside under his pillow. After a while, he found another marble he liked and put that under his pillow too.

In the end, he packed all his marbles into a bag, except for four of his favourite marbles that he decided to hide under his pillow.

The boy and the girl met the next morning for the “big exchange”!

The girl went home happily with her collection of marbles, and slept sweetly and soundly that night with her new possessions.

The boy however could not sleep. He tossed and turned as he wondered: “Did she give me all her sweets? Or did she keep a few just like I did?”

He could not trust the girl, because he had broken the trust between them himself.

Perspective #1:

A clear conscience yields a good night’s sleep. Honour trust and honesty for a happier and more relaxed life!

By: Lim Siong Guan & Joanne Lim (Co-Authors of “Winning with Honour” and “The Leader, The Teacher & You“)

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