Win with Honour with The 4 Way Test

As we start a new week, let us be inspired by this sculpture by Mr Victor Tan Wee Tar that is nestled in the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. In this sculpture called “Passing of Knowledge”, a continuous stream of water connects a larger figure and a smaller figure – “knowledge, like water, is vital to life”, and “the water is symbolic of the passing of knowledge from generation to generation”. The sign that accompanies the sculpture explains: “This…Continue Reading “Win with Honour with The 4 Way Test”


Schools and universities see much of their role as sharing knowledge and developing skills, rather than guiding their students on winning in work and life. All of us know that in leading our organizations, what we look for when we recruit or promote people is not just competence and experience, but also trustworthiness and dependability.  We wonder whether we can trust the people we choose to deliver on what we expect of them, both in terms of timeliness and of quality of work. Will they do their best…Continue Reading “WINNING IN WORK AND LIFE IS MORE THAN KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS”

The Significance of the Term “Pioneers of the Next Generation”

The Committee on the Future Economy recently released their report entitled: “REPORT OF THE  COMMITTEE ON THE FUTURE ECONOMY: The Pioneers of the Next Generation”. The term “Pioneers of the Next Generation” has a very special significance which most Singaporeans would probably miss. Why is this so? In an Straits Times Op-Ed article that was published on 2 June 2016, “Getting to the Future with Honour”, which I had co-authored, reference was made to a study by Sir John Bagot Glubb called “The Fate Of Empires…Continue Reading “The Significance of the Term “Pioneers of the Next Generation””

Honour Each Day as a New Day!

Saturday, 28 January 2017 marks the first day of the Chinese New Year. In the days leading up to the Chinese New Year, it is tradition for every family that celebrates the Chinese New Year to clean the house thoroughly, and to “get rid of the old to make way for the new”. Very often, new material things (such as clothes, shoes, bedsheets, furniture, etc) are bought to mark a new beginning. While it is always nice to have new materials things, it is even…Continue Reading “Honour Each Day as a New Day!”

Honour Disappointments

In our blog last week, I wrote about the importance of honouring our thoughts, and to make a conscientious effort to think honourable, positive, and life-giving thoughts. It is important to honour our thoughts as they affect our choices and actions, which then affect our destiny. Apart from honouring our thoughts, it is also important to honour our disappointments. As mentioned on page 75 of “Winning with Honour”, disappointment arises when reality does not match up with our expectations. We are often disappointed because life…Continue Reading “Honour Disappointments”

Happy New Year! The first of January marks the time of the year when many people make new resolutions to change their lives in some way. As mentioned on page 89 of “Winning with Honour”, it is important to honour our thoughts as they affect our choices and actions, which then affect our destiny. We also need to be mindful about what we focus on because that will determine our thinking, which will determine our choices, which will determine our actions, and ultimately shape our…Continue Reading “HONOUR YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE NEW YEAR!”

Honour Civility

  As mentioned in both our books The Leader,  The Teacher & You and Winning With Honour, you could be a CEO of a multinational corporation, a stay-at-home mother, an emergency room nurse, a primary school student, or the leader of a country. Regardless of your station in life, your life counts and you can choose to be a leader and make a positive impact in your own spheres of influence, no matter how small these spheres might be. And as you lead, may you…Continue Reading “Honour Civility”

38,808 primary school pupils received their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results yesterday morning, and many others students have received their year-end examination results in recent week. There would be students who are satisfied with their results as they have done better than expected, and others who feel like they have failed because they did not do as well as others. As mentioned in our earlier blog, we have to be a people who honour best efforts more than achievement. We have to stand by everyone…Continue Reading “Honour Best Efforts Over Achievement”

Happy Singles Day! On this special day that was popularized by Alibaba, find out what Alibaba’s founder, Mr Jack Ma, thinks about the virtue of Honour. This video was specially recorded for the Honour International Symposium, which was organised for Honour (Singapore) by the co-authors of The Leader, The Teacher & You and Winning with Honour. Video Credit: Honour International Symposium ( _________________________________________________________________ Follow us on Facebook: Websites: l #WinningwithHonour #TheLeaderTheTeacher #Honour #Honor #Winning#Win #LimSiongGuan #SGLim #JoanneHLim #JoanneLim#TheRightPerspective…Continue Reading “Happy Singles Day!”

The Role of Government

Brexit. The shock win of Donald Trump. In light of the political volatility of our times, it would be useful for us to review the role of the government and why it is important for the people to honour the government, and the government to honour the people. Below is an excerpt from page 225 – 229 of our second book, Winning with Honour, which addresses what is the role of government: “People get the government they deserve. The job of the government is to…Continue Reading “The Role of Government”