Congratulations Madam Tutek for Winning with Honour!

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Madam Tutek Alauyah Amir, who was a recipient of The Leading Foundation Teacher Award (LFTA) in 2015, was featured in Singapore’s highest-selling paper, The Straits Times, today.

The article highlights Madam Tutek’s dedicated efforts as an allied educator who helps pupils with special needs (such as dyslexia, autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) ease into primary school. You can read the full Straits Times article here.

The Leading Foundation Teacher Awards recognizes excellent early childhood and special needs education teachers who have made a positive impact in the lives of those they serve. The awards are sponsored by The Leading Foundation, which we founded in 2013 after we co-authored “The Leader, The Teacher & You”. The foundation is administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore

Allied educators work with teachers in school to raise the quality of interaction with every child, and there are about 400 allied educators in primary and secondary schools here.

As an allied educator at Tampines Primary, Madam Tutek she works closely with the form teachers of pupils with special needs to ensure that the children are “recognised, integrated and cared for”. She has been described by the principal of Tampines Primary, Ms Veronica Tay, to be “creative and resourceful” and someone who “creates a supportive climate that inspires her colleagues to excel“.

During the award ceremony for The Leading Foundation Teacher Award last year, Madam Tutek shared her “SBS” method, which was so inspiring that we had to share it on page 77 of our second book, “Winning with Honour”:

  • Start with what is right
  • Be positive
  • Stay resilient

Congratulations to Madam Tutek once again for Winning with Honour by honouring others with your dedication and positive attitude!


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