Are you the Pride of your Child?

Today, we celebrate children’s day in Singapore. Happy Children’s Day to the future builders of our homes, communities, organisations, and nation!Winning with Honour  l  Be the Pride of Your Child.png

As mentioned on page 167 of our second book, Winning with Honour, it is important that we honour our children by being the pride of our children and the children around us.

This would be a surprising concept to many people, because what we most often hear around us is children being the pride of their parents. Just think of how frequently you hear parents boasting about their children!

So what does parents being the pride of their children mean?

It means that children are proud of how their parents act and behave on a daily basis, and how they are grateful to their parents for bringing them up.

As children compare themselves with their peers, children who are proud of their parents see that there is something honourable about how their parents behave and what their parents have done for them. Their parents have taught them through their actions, reactions, responses, and attitudes towards others what it is to be an honourable human being.

As mentioned on page 153 of Winning with Honour, research shows that much of a child’s attitude towards life is formed from the time the child is born till the child is six years old…even before he or she begins formal education.

Hence, values, morals, and ethics are basically “caught” from family rather than “taught” in school. Thus it is very important that parents set a good example by displaying honour right from the start through their words and actions.

Honouring others is definitely a very important life lesson that begins at home, not only for the benefit of the child but, in the long term, for the parents as well. Consider this: If parents are rude to their parents, do you not think that their child is probably going to be rude to them growing up and when they are old?

So parents, if you want to be able to be proud of your children, first ensure that you are behaving in a way that your children can be proud of you, and also ensure that you are treating your parents in a way that you would like your children to treat you.

Honour your children by being the best that you can be, and by investing the time and effort to build a trusting relationship and instill the right values in your child during the crucial formative years before your child is seven years old.

The Leader and the Teacher of your child is you!


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